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Art in the City — The Surprising Impacts of the Creative Sectors on Your City

By July 5, 2021September 6th, 2023No Comments

Many city and government leaders know the general importance of the arts and creative sectors, but these sectors bring way more value to your city than you think — and in ways that you might not expect!

First, a prelude: Why are we co-writing this post?

As an award-winning economic developer who is also a musician, Dallas sees a strong link between the long-term economic vibrancy of a community and the health of its arts and creative scene. And this link is getting stronger in the 21st-century economy.

As the VP of a world-leading interactive lighting design and engineering company (who is also an artist and performer), Jake actively supports creative placemaking across the globe using high-tech, interactive platforms that draw people in and create real benefits for cities and clients.

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