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The Pacific Swell: The Rise of the Blue Economy

By November 5, 2022September 25th, 2023No Comments

Canada is a nation flanked by 3 oceans and nearly 250,000 km. of coastline, more than any country in the world. Its potential in the ocean economy — or blue economy — is enormous. As efforts intensify to establish and grow Canada’s Pacific hub for the sustainable blue economy in Greater Victoria, we talk to a panel of local and cross-Canada experts to explore our future as a blue economy nation, from coast to coast to coast.

Speakers – Kendra MacDonald, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, CEO – Scott Beatty, MarineLabs, CEO – Jessica Stigant, Ocean Networks Canada, Associate Director of Government Relations and Partnerships – Emilie de Rosenroll, South Island Prosperity Partnership & COAST, Founding CEO – Don Grant (Moderator), Ocean Startup Project, Executive Director