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At some times it seems we are finally emerging from chaos, at others it feels we are deeper into it than ever before. Our economic outlook has been whipped by cyclones of change – a perfect storm of pandemic, climate disaster, war, economic disruptions and crises of public trust.

The greater Victoria region is certainly not alone in seeking clearer, more certain paths out of the discord and into a better future. But we know all about storms on south Vancouver Island. And we know that the path to clarity amidst confusion is, in fact, formed from several, inter-connected paths. The old model of singularly-focussed economic and community development stimulants will not get us there. Going forward, we need to pursue a regional economy built on a foundation that is:

  • Resilient – embracing the lessons learned from our COVID experience to future-proof us against economic, social and environmental shocks
  • Innovative – harnessing the local talent and entrepreneurial drive to make our region an innovation leader and a global magnet for investment
  • Sustainable – accelerating innovation in the energy and resource management solutions we need to achieve net-zero commitments and address the climate emergency
  • Equitable – an inclusive approach where First Nations rights and skills are recognised and encouraged as we build a more liveable region where no one gets left behind

Wrapping this into a handy acronym, our region’s leaders must be equipped to RISE to the challenge of building a new economy. It is a big challenge powered by big questions. And it needs committed leaders working collaboratively with a shared purpose.

These are the leaders that will be participating in this year’s Rising Economy conference. If you are committed to discovering the clear paths we need for the future we choose, you need to be there.

Now in its third year, this high-impact conference is designed to cut through the confusion and discord of the past few years to define a clearer path to our economic future. Hosted by SIPP at the spectacular Songhees Wellness Centre, Rising Economy 2022 features mixed in-person and virtual sessions in a high-energy program from November 15 to 17.

Rising Economy 2022 features inspiring thinkers and provocative change-makers who will share bold insights about the key issues affecting our future and what it all means for leaders in south Vancouver Island region.

This immersive conference is for those who are passionate about the future of our region and are leading change to get there. Rising Economy is designed to provide a collaborative atmosphere for idea exchange among entrepreneurs, innovators and business, government and non-profit leaders

I am excited to be reporting from this conference in blogs and social media dispatches. I’ll be looking for key ideas and solutions that illuminate with clarity potential pathways to a better future for our region. However, as much as I may try, I cannot replace the value you will receive as a committed leader by participating in this conference in person. Help us all RISE to the challenge. You need to be here!