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Early childhood education is one of the best tools policymakers have at their disposal if they want to make a more equitable yet growing economy, according to a 2017 Conference Board of Canada report which noted, “For every dollar spent on early childhood education programs, the economy gets about $6 worth of economic benefits down the line.” For Childcare Month in May, the Rising Economy Podcast talks to childcare providers and experts about the socio-economic importance of early childcare education, how $10-a-day childcare has impacted the system and what changes are still vital to ensure accessible, affordable and well-funded daycare in Greater Victoria. Hosted by Kerry Slavens, South Island Prosperity Partnership, our panelists include:

  • Meagan Brame | Director | Saxe Point Daycare
  • Wendy Lowe | Manager | James Bay Child Care Society
  • Eric Swanson | Principal | Third Space Planning