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Rising Economy Podcast Explores Why Childcare Needs to Be an Economic Priority – Insights Newsletter, May 19

By May 19, 2023June 28th, 2023No Comments

“For every dollar spent on early childhood education programs, the economy gets about $6 worth of economic benefits down the line,” according to a 2017 Conference Board of Canada report.

What such huge economic benefits, why are there still extreme shortages for parents trying to find accessible, affordable and well-funded childcare in Greater Victoria and across Canada?

In our newest Rising Economy Podcast, we talk to childcare providers and experts about the socio-economic importance of early childcare education, why childcare providers remain underpaid, how $10-a-day childcare has impacted the system and what changes are vital to ensure access to quality, affordable childcare in Greater Victoria.

Hosted by Kerry Slavens of South Island Prosperity Partnership, our panel includes:

  • Meagan Brame | Director | Saxe Point Daycare
  • Wendy Lowe | Executive Director | James Bay Child Care Society
  • Eric Swanson | Principal | Third Space Planning

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