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South Island Division of Family Practice Joins Local Economic Agency to Support Healthcare Growth in Greater Victoria

By April 5, 2024No Comments

(Victoria, B.C.) South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) is excited to announce that the South Island Division of Family Practice (SIDFP), a leading professional not-for-profit for improving healthcare access, has joined our regional economic agency as a member.

SIDFP is dedicated to providing optimal health care in the South Island region and supporting family physicians through professional development and community building. By improving patient access to primary care and influencing health care delivery and policy, the Division plays a vital role in the South Island’s health sector.

“We’re thrilled for the South Island Division of Family Practice to join our economic agency. As well, thank you to our municipal partners for elevating the importance of attracting healthcare professionals to our region,” says SIPP Interim CEO Dallas Gislason. “This newest member helps address prioritized economic constraints like attracting essential family doctors and healthcare to Greater Victoria.”

“The South Island Division of Family Practice recently joined SIPP with the hope that their business network and plans for a working group focused on the recruitment and retention of Family Physicians will lead to a collaborative community effort towards bringing more doctors to the South Island,” says SIDFP Executive Director Leslie Keenan.  “The Division can recruit doctors but it’s the community that can help us welcome them, embrace them, and help them settle with their families into these beautiful lands we call home.  An all-out community response would put South Island on the map for doctors and their families from across Canada and beyond.”

The South Island Division of Family Practice joins SIPP’s network of over 70 members, including nine municipal governments, nine First Nations, three post-secondary institutions, and major regional employers, industry associations, and nonprofits.