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My First Month as Interim CEO

By April 22, 2024No Comments
  • COAST continues to move at a break-neck pace. I’ve found that the key to being CEO is having really qualified advisors (along with the remarkable Jason Goldsworthy!) in place to ensure we don’t misstep. In the last month alone, we’ve worked with and received advice from several law firms, experienced ‘silicon valley’ tech executives (to help us ensure that a program designed for Ocean & CleanTech clients is effective, while also tying into ocean technology clusters around the world), advisors from different countries, COAST advisory board members, ocean-tech entrepreneurs..the list goes on!

We’ve spent the last month digging deep into pros/cons (and lease agreements!) of various co-working facilities for COAST ocean-tech companies and collaborators. We hope to have an announcement on this within the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Collaborating with smart people (academia version!): This month, we applied to the Mitacs program to foster industry/academic partnerships that create new research and innovation. Though I only met her a couple of years ago, I’ve quickly become a HUGE fan of Natalie Slawinski (Director of UVic’s Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation). Natalie has generously offered to serve as conduit for a research project on collaborative governance (the result of which is a key ingredient of SIPP’s funding renewal process). Speaking of Natalie, it was so cool to attend the launch of her new book this last week. If you’re passionate about the place where you live and work, learn about it here.